Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Made it to Italy and back unscathed in 72 hours. I even had time to fit a MTB race in there somewhere... Arrived friday evening and then preroad saturday. The course was basically a succession of steep climbs followed by non technical descents that you could get your self into trouble on by being to brave. I, luckily, was not to brave and didnt even crash once. Had a back row call up and started moving up well, into the 40's by the 3rd and 4th lap and rolling through groups pretty good, but then maybe did get a little to brave on the decent and flatted. I was close to the pit so i just rolled it in, but the minute I spent there was enough to get my legs nice and locked up and I couldn't get it rolling again in the next 2 laps before getting pulled. I am thinking I could have been at least up with AC in 45th had things gone a bit differently, but, so it goes. Now I am home for 2 days before heading up to do BCBR. There are some pretty good teams going this year, but I think Kris and I are going to turn some heads. Should be a sweet time regardless. Anyways, thats about it. Sarah is going to come up at the end of the race and we are going to spend 2 days in Whistler relaxing and shredding the gnar. Sick!


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Good luck at National Championships Barry, we know you'll do great.