Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex and The City

Not! I got stuck with dog sitting duty tonight while Sarah and her girls go watch chick flicks. This dog is rad. It is a german shepard named Honey and it goes crazy for treats. I have been just chillin in the Cruz these last few weeks getting ready for Worlds and then BC Bike race. I can wait to go up there and shred all the rad Canadian Gnar! Might even get a few days at the Whisler Bike Park after if things go as planned. I am bummed to not be at the WC rounds these next few weeks in Andorra and Ft Bill. Looks like the course in Andorra is dope! Actual MTB trails and stuff like that. Oh well, I just gotta rip it up at the Candian rounds so I can get a descent start position next year, then it is game on! I might even do my first road race of the year next weekend. Crazy. New coolest hip hop act is The Cool Kids check out the track Blag Mags PK Ripper! Word


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