Friday, October 19, 2007


I am currently sitting in DIA, on my way to the east coast for the 3rd time this month. The race schedule has been pretty busy. Beating up on the world champ in New York, Chilling in Ohio and Now back east for the Granouge/Wissahickon weekend, then staying out for the first round of the USGP. I am really racking up the frequent flyer miles right now! So far the season has treated me well, I won 3 races and have been in the mix at all of them. It will be fun to get back into a more stacked field this weekend, and the GP should be Crazy. Trebon is killing it in Belgium right now so he should be fast, and I think we will do some more of the old Too Tall Tag Team Tactics next weekend. That is about all that is new. I am staying with the Gould Family this week in Maryland on their farm, so I will get to hang out with the goats and chickens all week. I hear there is some descent trail riding near there too. I also got a new car. The Bettle just wasn't cutting it lugging all my shit to the airport every 4 days so we upgraded to a Passat Wagon. Heated leather seats and all that. Pretty dope. I think I am about to miss my flight, so I am out!



Chris said...

sweet trails close to baltimore; some of which are nice on a cross bike and others better for mtb. you can ride 'em on the cx machine, but i wouldn't run the dugasts!

Busto said...


You definitely made the right decision picking racing over drinking as your focus in college. Your job seems much more interesting than my cubicle dwelling job that was the outcome of too much partying and not enough focus.

Don't see you too often anymore, but it has been really neat to read about your exploits over the years.

Anonymous said...

go buns go! your spelling is exquisite and your new kit is fabulous. see you next weekend at the derby

Evan Sandstrom said...

hey barry man good work. especially on vervecken, quite frankly i am jealous. how did you feel about the ending of harry potter?