Monday, October 22, 2007

Farm Time

I have been having a pretty sweet time hanging out in central Maryland on the Gould family farm this weekend. The races could have gone a whole lot better, but some times that is just how it is. Now I have the goats and chickens and dogs to entertain me during the day and interesting roads to go explore on my bike rides. I have been turned on to Andy Goldsworth's art by Georgias mom and now I cant walk though a pile of dead leaves or old branches without seeing it in a whole new light. I even made a pile of leaves on the porch this afternoon, but it quickly blew away. The cabin I am saying in is rad, and I am even connected to the web so I can do stuff like update my blog and relax instead of flying across the country twice a week. It has been giving me very strange dreams though. Headed down to Kentucky on thursday. It is actually called Kentucy so I dont have to add the "ucky" on to the end to make it sound like a backwoods place, like Fontucky, because it just already is. I dont really know what it means to be an "ucky" as I have never actually been to the real Kentucky, but after this trip I will have a better idea of what all the "ucky" terminology is all about and may be better able to aptly utilize the "ucky"ization of words. Time for some more crazy dreams.



Kevin Mullervy said...

Are you going to be racing in Boulder the first weekend of November?

Phil said...

As a representative of the cycle racing community of Kentucky, I am almost positive that the suffix, "ucky" means crazy fast.

Movie Critic said...

Barry - Watch Rivers and Tides. It follows Goldsworth while he creates a number of his sculptures. Damn good.

Kevin said...

Good to see you this weekend, and good job! I'm sure it aint easy riding around with a bulls eye on yer back... Actually, now you can feel for the world champ, eh?
Somehow get me yoour email if you'd like some pics.
Good luck at the upcoming USGP's said...

When are you gonna do some of the Watsonucky or Santa Crucky cx races?

Morgan in NorCackalacky

Schteve said...

Thought you might like to see some photos from SSCXWC. There's a link from my blog to a friends' photo gallery.

Nice speedo!