Friday, September 07, 2007

Tomorrow is the Day

Went and hit the course for a few laps today. It is still is great shape even after all the junir and U23 kids went out and skidded up and down it or the last 2 days. Got a hot lap in and felt pretty ok. The descent is pretty hariy at speed. Those BMX style berms get slippery at the top. Had a pretty ear;y ride and lunch, so now just killing the day at the coffee shop and drinking lots of tea. It is pretty foggy and drizzley today, and who knows what tomorrow will be like. Doesnt much matter for the race I suppose as the course will stay the same no matter what. My bag finally showed up today. It only took 5 days. Good work US Airways! I think I am going to go shop for some stuff to bring home to my peeps now. Giver Eh!



Anonymous said...

Please don't bring back any haggis or blood pudding! Have a great race.

erikv said...

Good luck! Giver!