Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kinda Like Oregon

The weather at least. Is is in the 50s to 60s and drizzle all day here. Today it is a little bit clear but still not as nice as the Cruz. My bag still hasnt showed up, and no one knows any info about it still. I guess US airways is even worse at finding bags than United, which is pretty impressive. I am learning how few things I really need to get by though. Luckily I have access to Laundry so I can get away with wearing the same kit everyday and wash my clothes every 2 days as well. The course is staying perect, even though it has been raining so much, and yesterday Carl and I went and Poached some golf. We stopped in on our way back from training yesterday and the guy said they were open all day. When we went back it was all closed down, but we found some Clubs in the basement of the Hotel we are at so we just went out and played 9 holes. It was rad. I havent golfed since highschool, but we had fun wacking the balls into the heather around the course and 5 putting our way to triple boogies. I think carl won by 2 at the end. Wells is going to be so Jelous when he hears about it. Anways, that is about it. I am going to try and ride to Loch Ness today and see a monster.



gewilli said...

What, is Loch Ness the only place in Scotland with a mirror tall enough to see yourself in?

Molly Cameron said...

If you don't start using spell check I'm going to keep sending you young adult fantasy novels.