Saturday, January 06, 2007

And the Rest

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. The internt was crawling in Belgium, due to over use by the Juniors, and the last few days were quite hecktic. Following Diegem, we had a day off, then raced in St Nikklas and then in Northern Holland in Surheistervein. The race in St Nikklas finally went well. Tonkin and I went and visited a local Kona dealer in town the morning before the race, then headed out to the Cross. It was pretty muddy this year, new bikes every lap, and some of the crazy off camber sections got removed, because you would have ended up in the lake if you messed them up, which was pretty much what would happen every time. I had a good start, and on the first off camber section I was able to ride up to Nys' wheel. No joke! I followed him around for a lap before he simoly pedaled through every turn and rode me off his wheel. I battled in a yo yoing group for the remainder and came out near the top of in in 11th. My best Euro result, and not to bad conidering who I beat. The next day we got up super early and drove 4.5 hours to northern holland. I had done this race before and it is a hard one. Very bumpy and draining. I was prepared to give it everything, as this was the last race of camp, but there just wasnt anything left to give. All the racing before, the drive and my effort at St Nikklas left the tank on "E" and that is about how I rode. Now I am back home in Sunny california, adjusting to the blinding sunlight and warm temperatures, as I prepare to launch my assult on the world championships. 2 weeks of solid training here should be good for me I think. Anyways, untill then, I will be trying my best to get some good form together and get a good tan so all the Belgians will be jelous. My heart goes out to Danimal and Lance, toughin git out over there in the house by them selves, so if you get the urge to send some words their way I am sure they would appreciate it.




cdb said...

You re-build your tanlines yet? Hope the CA training is going good. Another year for some serious Kona Smack-down at nats. Bring it!

cdb said...

Oh man, it's been quiet around these here parts. Hopefully because you are getting super fit for worlds.

Have you seen the video from the slick corner at Hoogerheide WC last weekend?

Good luck! We're all rooting for you this Sunday back in Oregon.