Friday, December 29, 2006


I have had some request topost some phots on my blog, but since I have reverted back to the old fromat, SLR film Camera, this would require a bit more technology than I have at the moment. If you want to check out some photos from the trip, go to this web site. These photos are by Joe Sales, who has been over here taking our picture all week. The race yesterday was pretty hard. It was muddy, cold and raining, but that wasnt the hard part. The course changed a bit this year from last, and the new section, which essentially was a big drag strip though a field, was very hard. It was about 400 meters long, and went from kinda muddy, to very muddy as you progressed along it. By the end you were barley moving through hub deep much, and then you had to ride up a steep, 30 foot high bridge. Not very easy. The remander of the course was prety good though, flat fast muddy turns and the usual whoop section, only this year it was covered with astro turf so it was about 100 times scarier. On the first lap it was pandomonium, everyone going every direction in the mud, but things finally settled down and spread out with me sitting in the high 20's to low 30's group. This is were I would stay for the remainder of the race, riding faster than, and some times slower than, the people around me. I made it through without getting lapped, so that was nice. I am pretty worked today, but we have 2 dasy to recover before the next race in Diegem, so no worries. I better go get on the bike though, so I can be back in time for my massage at 2. Word.



Anonymous said...

Nice job recognizing the Belgium support crew in the Cycling News Diary. Just finished watching the Off Road to Athens DVD and caught a glimpse of you at the Mt. Ste Anne race. Enjoy the rest of your time in Europe! M.

Greg said...

Joe's photo album is absolutely sick. I've seen zillions of cycling pics but there is something about the clarity in his photos that is mad. Great to see what is going on over there and the behind the scenes stuff is cool to see.

Keep rollin' fast like you stole something.

Mosovich said...

Thanks for the photo link, they ROCK. You guys are so freaking lucky!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job with the racing there so far Barry. It is very difficult to be over there, away from the every day scene, surrounded by the Euro scene and you are doing great. Keep it up, we're all proud of you.


Anonymous said...

awesome race b!! 11th eh and who knew a kid from corvallis could ride the mud. one more to go and then it's back to the chaos so enjoy the calmn before the cruz. xoxo