Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Road Racing

Turns out the world head quarters of Walmart is located in Northwest Arkansas, exactly the place where I just had a sweet weekend of road racing. Interestingly enough, there are actually tons of walmart concept stores around there. Right next to our super ghetto hotel was a brand new walmart super market that actually had decent food. Some organic stuff and ever a little local flare. Not to bad. Anyways, the Joe Martin stage race was pretty fun, 2 big road days to start it off, not to hilly though so after trying our hardest to make it break up on the climbs it all came in together. The up hill TT following the second 92 mile stage was not exactly a good time, and I ended up in a pretty bad 35th. The crit wasn't much better and after avoiding about 1 million crashes finally called it a day with 30 laps to go. 90 minute crits are awful.. Now I am back at hoe and loving it. The weather is perfect, 75 and sunny and I have been doing some sweet testing on my new dualie and it is Pretty sweet. Got the new Fox RP23 shock on it and it rules! I think I will race hat thang back east like it is going out of style. The garden grew like a billion times faster this weekend than last weekend and I am going to have to get some tomato cages to keep the plants from falling over. That's about it, 2 weeks of good hard training is on tap, and then back up to Oregon for the MT Hood Classic. Word.


cdb said...

Yeah, get those cages up asap. It sucks after they get too big.

Tear it up at Mt. Snow and don't forget the Kozy Shack. Wish I could race out there.

Anonymous said...

nice work on the road. i imagine you must be pretty tempted to hit up more of the road scene this year with your additional team.

Nasty said...

not really, there is no single track or sick jumps in road races and those roadie dudes are pretty uptight