Sunday, April 23, 2006

TOW fineto

Finished it off today. What a weekend. Fridays stage was mega windy and flat so it was extra hard. We road around in cirles for like 3 hours going balls out with the canadian mafia trying to hurt everyone. They succeded and Sven "ultimate fighter" Tufy killed everyone. I got dropped at 1k to go in the cross wind and lost 1:17. Holy shit... Saturday morning we headed down to the TT. Had all the super sick gear, disc, helmet and all that. Rode pretty good and ended up 14th. Trebon killed it and finished 30 sec behind Sven so we all had ot pay him $5. That guy is such a faker! Then we did this aweful circuit race on super narrow roads all full speed ahead. Luckily Symetrics road the front all day and I just tailgunned it and avoided the crashes. Oh yeah, on friday the whole field was getting shattered in this cross wind so everyone was riding on the far left side of the road just dying to stay on, but there was a yellow line rule so the officials stopped the entire race and made us restart. It was pretty hilarious. Today we did a pretty cool stage in the woods. Most of the roads were pretty good but one was single lane and covered with debree from the trees. good stuff, There were a alot of climbs but they were al pretty short and low pitch so we could never get anything going. Rolled in as a big group. Ryan was off for a long time and then I bridged up tp him on the last climb, but the canadians didnt like that so they chased us down. at least we made it hard on them. Now i am waiting for Malice to come pick me up and take me to portland so i can fly home tomorrow. sweet! later on

I got propositioned on my blog, first time that has ever happened. Sweet, I am so hot...!
Sarah got a kick out of that one too.
Later on suckas


Gary Malcolm said...

I was driving the lead car when the official stopped the race.

Man was she pissed!



jAndy donka-donk said...
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