Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 Days to Go

This morning I got up and went on the morning wlak with the juniors and U23 kids. This has been a tradition ever since I started cross. Proctor likes to get the guys up and awake and thinking about the day and what they are ehre for. I really enjoy it as well. It is a good way to start te day focused on the task at hand, with the added bonus of watching the sun come up over northern Europe. After breakfast I went out motor pacing with Geoff. We found some good road and the speed limit was 60 kmh so traffic didnt even try to pass since we were going as fast as they were. there were thiese speed humps though every 1k and each time we hit one I thought the Hatch on the Mercedes wagon we were in was going to come down and bonk me on the head, but luckily I came through unscathed. Can say as much for the car as I sprayed salty gritty water all over the inside of it from my front wheel. The road were all frozen except for the main one because it was so cold so the below freezing road spray on the salted roads was quickly soaking through my layers. Luckily I had a good draft and was working hard so I stayed warm. It started snowing a little after we got back but now the sun is out and it is super windy. After lunch I headed over to the course with the rest of the crew and did a few laps. It is pretty icey out there but at leats no huge ruts are developing and it is staying in pretty good shape. It is supposed to stay clear for the rest of the week so it will probably stay about the same. Got some words form some of the Oregon crew that is over here. They are hanging out in Amsterdam for a couple of days before heading this way. I bet they will have more fun there than we are having here... Anyways, thats about it. The legs are feeling good and I am about ready to go out there and just giver. All I have to do now is to keep my self occupied for a couple more days and then it will be all over. Woo Hoo! Later on.



Molly Cameron said...

Hell yeah.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah hottie bo body!! schralp up the local singletrack and have fun until sunday. oh yeah, don't forget to rest pro style and watch some OO movies with the jr.s!!

Anonymous said...


Gime 'em hell!!!!

Adrie Van der Poel