Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sleepy Girl

So its 11 am and Sarah is still passed out in bed. That Australian Time change can be a real bummer. It is totally helping me adjust to Belgian time too, let me tell you. Tonight all the peeps, and i mean ALL of them, are comming to town for a wicked fun time. We are going to go dancing and drink wine and eat a thanksgiving dinner that cant be beat. Plus I am going to get some new pants. What Fun! I leave tomorrow for Belgium. I called to upgrade to business form SFO to London so hopefully that goes through. I hate those teeny seats at the back of the bus. Ryan has been sick all wekk and hasent even been riding, so I dont feel so bad about rining twice this week. Maybe i will ride today if i get around to it.... Adam got a sweet new industrial waffle maker i want. maybe i will buy one over there. Anyways, I am going to go get the girl up and then make some more coffee.. See ya suckas!

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Anonymous said...

wtf mate? got your jocks jostled cause i was on 90 degree, white soft sandy beach, summer christmas solomon island, papua new guinea, australian, fijian time eh? bummer.
:) hope you enjoyed your first class flight and perhaps, if you're really lucky, your bags might have even arrived!! power to the force if you race saturday afternoon after your morning arrival and talk to you soon. xoxoxo