Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow has started snowing once again

The weather here in Illinois is kind of unpredictable. Unpredictable in the sense that whatever one predicts the weather will be, it is mostly likely going to be something totally different. That is why I have established my own weather prediction software for Illinois and so far it has been fool proof. The weather for the next two weeks will be a temperature range between 15 and 34 degrees f, some sunshine, some clouds and some snow. There will definatly be days when riding is a good idea, and other days when it is not, and other days when the amount of time it takes to bundle up to cross the street and go to the gym takes as much planning as the actual workout.

Luckily for me, the Wright Brother developed a means by which to transport ones self through space and time to another place, most likely California.

Having spent a large amount of my time in Illinois riding up and down elevators, I am formulating a new type of elevator that will not only transport you between differing layers of a building, but to far away and exotic locals as well. As soon as I have the elevator at my disposal, I will use it all the time and keep it to myself so as to not have its massive power corrupted by others.

I have recently acquired a new camera, and although many who would lay eyes on it would dub it ordinary or not possessing much coolness, I see it in a different light totally, and hope to make use of it to capture secret things and later reveal them to anyone who wishes to see them. All for free!

Here is the first secret:

Actually it is just a poorly framed, blurry photo of my dog, her frog shaped squeaky chew toy and her food bowls.

Another new development for me is that I have taken to drinking water out of wine bottles. They hold pretty much the perfect amount of water to quench my nearly unquenchable thirst, and are reusable.

Here is a video of Ben Popper riding on a snow covered bike path.

It was pretty funny.

California awaits. Are you ready?


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NBC said...


We met at the USGP in Louisville (Grassroots rider & friend of Angi's). I heckled my heart out at you. I live in Chicago & ride bikes. You live in Chicago & ride bikes. It seems to me that we should ride bikes together.

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