Monday, November 16, 2009

No Longeing Horses in Arena

I think Sarah told me what this means, but I cant remember. But I made sure not to do it in any case, lest I be in violation of the posted signage.

John and I did some exploring, and he showed me how to hide from the pot growers in the river side bushes when the need arises.
What else has happened to me?
It has been a busy few weeks, but a good few weeks. I decided to skip the NACT races in Boulder and stay home for a weekend of rest, recovery and good times on the Oregon coast. I even slipped a couple of fun Crosscrusade races in there for good measure, and had a killer costume designed by the Rev. Dr. Sarah Robinson that had all the ladies "of a certain age" in a bit of a tizzy.

After all that excitement, Sarah headed off to Mexico for 12 days to get into a fight with Hurricane Ida and work on her star fish patterns in the sand. She made it back just in time to walk off one flight and on to another to accompany me to New Jersey for my birthday. She also got to work the pits for Dusty while we rode around in heaving mud for the 5th and 6th stops of the USGP series. Two days on the job and she is already for the big time, if I do say so myself, handling flying hand offs with ease and keeping the Luna Chicks head master in check and focused on the task at hand.

I was able to pull of some not terrible rides, grabbing lucky number seven on Saturday and then going one better Sunday as to avoid the soul crushing string of seventh place finishes that haunted me last year. Even Ryan was relieved to hear I didn't finish seventh on Sunday. Like usual he ripped everyones meat from the bones Saturday, and then almost pulled off the massive come from behind victory Sneddon would have been proud of to post 2nd on Sunday.

As Sunday was my 28th birthday, Sarah baked me a cake and after a rousing edition of "Happy Birthday" from Carl Decker I got my birthday candle wish and didn't have to eat all the frosting. Ryan took care of that part for me.

Kabush had on his limited edition "Wicknasty" T shirt in honor of my birthday and so we went out to dinner with him and then got up extra early to fly back to Oregon so I could play with my new toy.
Dusty and Ryan have disowned me because I bought a scooter, but that thing is awesome. And I don't have to shift.

Just four more weeks left and my 2009 season will be in the books. I can hardly wait for next year.

Over and out.


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