Monday, July 06, 2009


Made it back home following a super hard and exciting BCBR. This year Kris and I had a real challenge on our hands and for the first 5 days defended our title well, staying with in a minute of the Canadian Elders Shepard and Mcgrath, until it all went sideways on day 6 and we lost 6 minutes. Doh! Day 7 want much better, but we still managed 2nd over all with not to much trouble. This year BCBR was focused on delivering the true single track experiance and they delivered. Less total ride time, but about double the single track from last year and awesome fun. Battling the Canadian mafia was rad, and Sneddon took it to them in his home town trails a few days in a row earning us some stage wins and a few seconds, but in the end the battles took thier toll. In the next 5 weeks I will be doing US Nationals, two rounds of the World Cup in Quebec, then the next 2 US Cup MTB races in New York and Vermont. Then it will be time to load up the van and move east and then before we know it, it will be Cross season. If anyone has a sweet house near the U of I campus in Urbana for us to rent, hit me up.



Anonymous said...

I think you should buy a van... and live in it.

Anonymous said...

when you lose to a person previously identified as a doper, how are they no longer a doper, what no longer makes them a doper, what makes a previous loss to a doper any different than a current loss to a doper. it's unclear if someone is a doper or did dope or will dope, just a question i wonder how cyclists feel about.