Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mt Hood

Last week I went and raced road bikes in Oregon. It was fun and hard and hopefully made me faster. This weekend I am going back to Oregon to make a guest appearance on my old S+M squad and race the 50 mile Test of Endurance. It should be good training for BCBR which starts next Sunday. Sarah has been busy writing her thesis, attending the graduation ceremony at UCSC and reading Harry Potter books. She caught the bug and burned through the last 3 books after we watched the first 5 movies. Now she cant make fun of my Harry Potter obsession any more and we can have lively debates about what certain clues mean. It gets exciting at our house around dinner time, let me tell you! Other than the usual bike riding and napping I have been looking for places to live in Urbana when we get out there. House hunting is not exactly highly stimulating. Kabush has been trash talking my new mix tape as of late, so I eagerly await his comeback mix. I am in the process of sending a few more copies out to my peeps before I release it online, but stay calm, it will be available here soon!

Posted some new photos on fliker too.



Rory said...

Need that mix tape... I'm dying out here. Also, the verification word that blogger is making me type is "asschest"

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