Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back Home

I really like sleeping in my own bed. That was a pretty long trip i had going there, and it is nice to be back home. Pretty much all I have been doing in the last few weeks is Sleeping, eating, cooking and riding the shit out of my bike. I decided after getting killed in Europe it was time to come home and get in shape, so that has been what I have been attempting to do. I think i can pedal faster now, but we will see for sure in a week or so when I get out to Alabama for the Bump and Grind round of the US cup. After that, I am headed up to Hood Rivver to do Mt Hood Classic and then Back to CSprings to do another US cup race. This past weekend I did the SoNoMas 100, kinda. After about 30 miles we all got lost and rode around for a while before heading to the lake for a swim. I cant say I missed doing those last 30 miles in 100 degree heat... Thanks to Ramjet for letting us sleep in his castle and play in his pool. Sarah is almost done with shcool now, and things are getting exciting! Almost time to think about moving and all that. Time sure does fly.


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