Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kickin it Old school

Ryan looks so hot chillin in our 1982 Dodge Sportsman Luxury right now... We just got osme groceries to cook for dinner after we shred the TT tonight. This morning we hit up the elementary schols in The Dalles and Hood river and talked to the kids about doing sick tricks and charming the ladies. And wearing helmets and stuff too... Now we are killing time getting digital and relaxing in the plushness. Word. Tomorrow I may take the camera in the pocket and get some action photos to boot. Word. Check it later.



Anonymous said...

looks like you have a healthy enough stash of pelican ranch to kill it there this week.

CDB said...

Have you and Ryan ever thought about starting your own interior design business? I love how you've arranged the wine bottles, so carefully juxtaposed with the pickle jar on the opposite side of the cabin. And just where did you find such richly textured fabrics for the upholstery? I could see some fabulous article material here for Sunset Magazine.

Kill it up there in the mountains. Yee haw!