Monday, May 07, 2007


Thats about what happened to me out there in the XC after attacking my brains out for the first lap. Had like 40 seconds on the chasers but then decided to ride my bike off the trail into some bushes and lost it all. Spent the rest of the day trying as hard as I could to hang on before getting dropped for good on the last lap and ending up 5th. Oh well, I gave it a go. Maybe next time I wont attack so early... The STXC sucked cause I crashed in the first turn and had to giver through about 40 dudes to get back into the front group. Again the legs went kapow! and I was stuck in about 12th for the finish. Oh well, time to do some more training now and get ready for Mt Hood and Park City.



Anonymous said...

Nice smile in the race recap!

curtis said...

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