Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Giviner in the sun

Today was pretty hot and booring. H-Net rode around at the front untill they were about dead and we cought the break, then everyone started attacking them and it got pretty hard. Only 35 of us in the front group. BJM got the GC on time bonus so those poor Priority Health guys are in for a real treat tomorrow as everyone and their mother atacks them like crazy. Below is a sweet shot I got today during the race. Can you name the MTB riders in the Photo? Got the AC cranked in the RV because it is still super hot out, but we are grilling up some sweet steaks and I ate a massive salad to boot. Ummm! Beefy! Time to go flip the cow flesh and put the legs up. Tomorrow is going to rock.



Anonymous said...

Nice photo of your RV buddy Ryan. Do I win anything for getting the correct answer? Can you get a self portrait when you cross the finish line with your camera when you win the next stage?

Anonymous said...

i guess rt and rh?