Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Been a While

Since the last update, sorry for that. Have had some interesting racing since then, beginning with the Pheonix Norba. Had pretty good rides there. A pair of 8ths isnt a bad way to get things underway. The STXC under the light swas pretty rad too. Then I did a local road race down here in Cali, the Coperopolis road race. It is was pretty sweet, Levi showed up and on the second of 5 lap we made the selection of 5. Then I rode around as hard as I could for 3 more laps, blew up and dropped out. Wicked good workout though. Levi is strong. The the Sea Otter came around. Got to stay at home this year which was a real treat. The STXC was good, 5th in that in the mud. Everyone was all comparing it to cross, but I was glad to be done with it as I am still a bit shell shocked from the whole Belgium thing. The XC went pretty good, another long one and got through in 12th. It seem sall the XC races this year are super long, well over the 2 hr mark. I gotta get to the gym to work on my fitness a bit more for that shit! Anyways, the riding is going good, geting ready to head down to the next Norba this weekend in Buellton and then off to Fontucky for the next. Oh yeah, I hit up the Mudslinger last weekend. Rode the big bike and got throttled by big T and the oregon boys, but had fun shredding the super muddy downhills and riding around on gravel roads on my 35 lb freerider. Anyways, maybe I will let you all know how the enxt few races go in a few weeks.


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Anonymous said...

It's good to hear from you, Barry. Best wishes for the race this weekend.