Monday, November 27, 2006

Last USGP's

Didnt have spectacular races. Felt pretty aweful on saturday. Kept getting the old drop on the run up, claw my way back into it, then get dropped again the next time around. Finally got tired of that and just finished it off sucking my own toes for 6th. Sunday was better, nasty conditions and the home town crowd, but after a blazing start flatted twice in a row, like as soon as I got my new bike and left the pits had another flat, rode around again, got bike 3, drilled it back into the top 5, Front flatted, of all things, and ended up a pathetic 11th. Man, that sucks. I kinda seem to have huge highs followed by huge lows, so now it is time for another high, Just in time for nationals. Anyways, the training continues and things will be in place when it counts. Untill then, just keep on givner. I went and saw Cat Power play with the Memphis Rhythem band last night up in the city. Probably the best show I have ever been to. I cannot beleive the sounds that come out of that woman. It was fucking rad. Thanks to Sarah for the sweet as birthday surprise. Later on



Molly Cameron said...

You are probably not paying for your Dugast tyres but, damn!

I hope you make fatson repair your tubulars.

hillsboro = flats = $$$

Nasty said...

i think even sven nys pays for his dugast tires, so yeah. ouch! matson has skills, but not like that. i gotta send them to florida or something to get fixed. weak!

nasty_fan said...

a man who loves cat power.
there's really nothing more to say, is there?
i was at the race on sunday, one of the masses screaming your name as you rode by in warm-ups (behind a big assed camera lens).
i was sorry to see you suffer but glad to see you in general.
go git 'er.
ps - got a sick shot of you climbing that nasty little bit near the hot-tub. i'll send it along.

cdb said...

Barry, you were tearing it up, regardless of the flats. Hope it all falls into place at nats for such a strong, nice fellow. Gitter dun.

Couple pics I took of ya in here: