Monday, October 30, 2006

On and On

Racing is fun, and I like to be able to do it. Yesterday I got to race close to my house, which was pretty sweet. I even rode out there to warm up. Had a good day, riding around in circles and all that, then broke some shit and ended up 3rd. Oh well, better then than next week in Boulder. I just finished reading The Three Musketeers. It was pretty good, nice and long and full of intrigue. I am going to go to the book store today and get a new book. Then I am going to go play soccer. I am a soccer all star!

Boulder here we come. In our dodge Magnum. Look out!



Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought of becoming a professional soccer player?
Hope you have a good trip to Boulder. M.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep breaking seatposts?
Are you fat now Barry?

kevin said...

congrats on yer win today!!!