Wednesday, August 30, 2006

worlds and on

New Zealand was pretty awesome, good riding and rad people. The race was pretty hard on the US guys, crashes and bike issues took out 5/7ths of us. i held my bike together but not my body and got doubled with a lap to go. oh well, time to move on. cross is looming on the horizon now and i am getting pretty stoked for it. the frist weekend will be out on southampton ny, and should be a good one. looks like i will be traveling out to the east coast a bunch again this year, yeah frequent flyer miles here i come! anyways, ryan and i are going to be signing autographs in vegas at the kona booth for interbike on wednesday and thursday at 11am so if anyone shows up they might get a sweet poster of the twins and all that jazz. anyways, i think it is time to go do some yard work, or mabe take a nap. out



Anonymous said...

Congratulations in your great mountain bike season with a national championship and a respectable showing at worlds. Sorry I won’t be at the bike show to get an autographed poster of you and Ryan but maybe if you get a chance you could send one to your old bike shop in Corvallis. You know back when you were just a punk kid turning wrenches and before you became a world renowned mt. bike racer.
Neil in Corvallis

Anonymous said...

can i get one too barry? limited edish while they last autographed by both sets of hot buns!