Monday, July 10, 2006


As always Utah was a barrel of laughs. We got in on thursday evening and the Demo Tour van was watiting curb side for us. Mark said the airport was super high tech with little electronic reader boards that told him when we got in and when to come pick us up. So souped up. Anyways, the race went ok, I had a god start and for about 3 laps was holding it together, then with about 45 minutes to go I shut down like a champ and went from 8th to 21st. Pathetic. Obye caught me and I couldn't let him get away so I rode in with him. I was pretty bummed out but decided to make up for it in the STXC. Ryan drilled it for the first 2 laps and got all the primes, in the process lapping about half the field. After that there were about 5 of us left with adam dangling off the group on his single speed. Geoff attacked and then it was a battle for 3rd once JHK attacked too. I was able to com eout on top of that one and landed a good podium position again finally. I am becomming like a short track specialist, which is annoying but i guess it is better than sucking in both the xc and stxc. Now i am back home getting rested up and ready for natinals next weekend. I am trying to decide if I shold go to Altoona as well, tough call...anywyas, Time for a nap.


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scruffyD said...

This particular skinny, dorky, balding kid does not fear your mangy mop. But I am a bit jealous of it.

Win the short track next weekend.