Monday, May 01, 2006


It is pretty fun to do a local MTB race again. What with all the Norbas and Sea otters and the like we dont get to many oppertunities to do the kind of racing where it all began. Ryan and I hit up the Fire SToe Walker AMBC yesterday in Beulton. It was like a 3hr driev but it was worth it. They had it on the massive winery/ranch. It was in full green bloom, with massive rolling hills and expansive wineries. There were some cows out there though and on the second lap we crested a hill to some face to face with a like 3000 lb bull running down the trail ahead of us. This guy was huge. Proabbaly 6 feet wide and was leaving massive hoof prints int he super hard pack dry single track. We came skidding to a stop and this crazy south african kid that was with us was just like" ride at him and he will move" so we let him give it a try and he got about 2 feet away and then stopped casue the cow didnt move. then we treid to climb up the hill around him and he just stood there staring at us and stomping. it was scary shit. go tthrough unscathed though. After riding around for most of the race with the SA kid i attacked and then ryan bridged up and we rolled in for the old 1-2. Ryan was suposed to win casue he won our ro-shambo for the victory but then he break checked me at the line and i ended up crossing first. It was good fun and we made some cold hard cash fo rhte effort so it was pretty sweet. Now i hope my legs start comming around a bit for next weekend in Fontucky as the locals call it. thats about it, my seeds havent sprouted yet, but maybe when i get back from LA they will be rockin.

Later on



Anonymous said...

bulls are useless until you ride one.

Don said...

congrats on the win

you guys did the same thing (minus the bull) at the highland park 'cross race in nov. do you ever contest a 2-up sprint for the hell of it? i'd love to see that.

cdb said...

Erik and Carl did the full on sprint at Bear Springs yesterday. Erik was too much of a gentleman to lay the interior decorator out w/ his rough and tumble viking stiff arm moves so Carl got the gold mine prize winnings.

That course is a real man's mtb course. Complete w/ classic s&m brush piles in the middle of the trail. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

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Old as dirt said...

Hey Nasty,
What's up with you finishing DFL at Eugene Hill Climb in Cat 4/5s???? Sandbagging gone bad!!!

Field: M, 4/5
Place Time # Name Team Points
1 00:12:45,00 1571 Dickson, Perry 20
2 00:12:59,00 2307 Brunelle, Michael 18
3 00:13:03,00 2183 Holmes, Riley Paul's Bicycle Way of Life Cycling 16
4 00:13:07,00 1195 Christensen, Morgan Collins Cycle/Specialized 14
5 00:13:21,00 2272 Udall, Jimmy Veloshop 12
6 00:13:27,00 1083 Kruziki, Damien Paul's Bicycle Way of Life 10
7 00:13:40,00 1081 Schafermeyer, Abe Paul's Bicycle Way of LIfe 9
8 00:14:22,00 2333 Udosenata, Okon Novara/REI 8
9 00:14:42,00 1579 Steffen, Adam Cascade Cream Puff X-Men 7
10 00:14:45,00 1008 Polson, Guy Collins Cycle/Specialized 6
11 00:14:55,00 1548 Shepperd, Greg Hutch's Eugene 5
12 00:15:14,00 1569 Ling, Jonathan 4
13 00:15:18,00 1130 Jenkins, Mark Team S&M 3
14 00:15:20,00 1578 McCarthy, Denis 2
15 00:15:42,00 1581 McKay, John 1
16 00:15:44,00 2193 Krenik, Jodi Team Novara/REI 0
17 00:17:37,00 103 Wicks, Barry Kona-Clarks-Les Gets 0
Total Racers in - M, 4/5 = 17

Nasty said...

some one must be impersonating me, or lese i traveled through time with out knowing it and got super slow, then reversed time and came back to my house and didnt remember it

Old as dirt said...

More like someone put the wrong number down on the start sheet.

drippy said...

Old as Dirt: are you trying to start some sheet?

Anonymous said...

WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Barry just got 3rd at fontana!! he's pretty stoked and said he felt super good and fast and just kept pace with the front group.

kick ass sea bass

Hott said...

Nice ride at Fontana. Where the hell is Fontana? You should check out Doug's blog. He's faking injury to stay in Belgium and watch the Giro.