Tuesday, January 03, 2006

St Nikkolass

Well, I finally had a descent race. It was a bit less of a stacked field than we have had atthe other races but a few of the top guys were there. I had a pretty good start and was around 15th the whole race, riding solid. I didnt feel amazing, just solid. I was rididng the sand sections well and felt pretty dialed on the technical stuff. I ended up 17th. No so ad. Ryan was 16th after some crash issues and not being able o hold on to his bike properly with his sholder still messed up. My pinky is feeling tons better. It didnt even hurt during the race and now I only notice it if i try to use it to much. Today we are recovering and then tomorrow headed up to Holland to do another race. After that one Ryan Pwers and I are going to Monoco for 8 days to ride in the 55 degree rain instead of the 35 degree rain here and try to get ready for worlds. We have 2 more world cups and then the world championships to go. I am not sure what my internet conection will ne like down there but I will try an dpost stuff when i can.

Later on


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