Saturday, January 14, 2006


I am sitting here in my towel waiting for the showers to free up. Today we did a cross in Roubaix. It was at the velodrom where the Paris Roubaix finishes. Prety cool cours. There were these super steep drop ins from high up on the sides of the velodrom out towards the streets. At the bottom of each one was an imediate 90 degree turn with the consequence of missing it being running into a brick wall. Nothing like a little motivation to get you around a turn... The rest of the course was around soccer fields. It reminded me of a course in the us with its frequent off camber section s in succession and very few fast peddaling sections, outside the blitz around the velodrom. I had a good start, top 10 and hung tough for about 3 laps in the front group. I finnaly got popped off and Ryan and I cruised in for 14 and 15. pretty good ride and the legs are feeling good for tomorrow so I would say it was a successful race. The coolest part was getting the bell with one lap to go. It was the same bell they use in the Paris Roubaix on the track and it was pretty cool to hear it while racing. Anywyas, looks like I have a free shower..
I will write more tomorrow after the World Cup



shannonskerritt said...

I enjoy picturing you in your towel.

Nasty said...

i will put a picture of me in a towl on my site. just for you