Sunday, January 15, 2006

Leavin World Cup

Well, another on eis in the books. Didnt feel super good today, I think the last week of training and then racing yesterday is catching up with me. The course was fun though. All ups and down with some sweet turns. Had a horrendous start and then rode around with a group untill I front flatted. First time I have done that in quite a while. Got on my pit and rode for a bit, then cruised it in for 36th. I had to out sprint an Italien Guy though, that was not to much fun. Tomorrow I am going to just chill out and recover from the weeks of training and racing. Only two more to go, the WC next weekend and then Worlds. I am pretty stoked. It has been hard mentally for me to get up for these races so having only 2 more is going to make it easier. I hope. Boner is going back to the states because of some family emergencies so taht is too bad. We are going to go gocarting tomorrow though so that will be cool. It is supposed to start raining pretty soon too. Crap tastic. i guess that is all i have for now. I was the only US guy to finish from our squad today. Not a great showing. The American women are here now and they have been representing prety well. I heard the reverend Heavy D out of the crowd today so that was pretty cool. Anyways, i am going to go read a book.


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