Thursday, January 12, 2006

Final Day in the Nice

Today we did our last ride in the sun. Right away Bobby Julich went blasting past us so we chased him down and ended up riding with him for 3 hours. We rode up some climb that went super high up this mountain, but i guess it was closed to the public and was a military base becasue when we got to the top there were all these dudes dressed up in army kit and yelling at us so we high tailed it back down... Bobby showed us a sweet Mexican resturant in Nice we are going to check out tonight, then it is back to the land of fog and mud. Only 3 more weeks and I will be back in Sunny Cali gettin my surf on and having a grand old time. Later on


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mcfatson said...

I bet Bobby Julich drives a mini van! Don't be jealous.